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Coconut Milk Shampoo


Discover the South Pacific's best kept secret for beautiful hair with this ultra-nourishing, sulphate free shampoo. This hydrating shampoo removes impurities and excess oils while nourishing the hair and scalp - not stripping them. Exotic coconut crème revives damaged hair and improves resilience while antioxidant-rich island seed oils boost shine and prevent breakage.

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    • Coconut
    • Coconut Milk & Honey
    • Mango
    • Starfruit

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    • Treats fungal and bacterial scalp conditions.
    • Coconut oil helps to seal in moisture and protect against breakage, environmental impurities, and excess heat.
    • Vitamins A, B, C, E, and Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 protects the hair from free-radical damage and helps deter frizz while balancing hair hydration.
    • Sulphate free.
    • Gentle enough for daily use on all hair types, this shampoo leaves hair purified and restored after every wash.

    CARICA PAPAYA (PAPAYA) EXTRACT -  Promotes hair growth. Rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. A natural conditioner making hair softer and smoother.

    DILO OIL (CALLOPHYLUM INNOPHYLUM) -  A unique essential fatty acid found in Dilo oil called Calophyllic acid heals dry scalp. It is also highly anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory helping with any scalp ailments. Dilo moisturizes and is extremely hydrating and nourishing.

    COCONUT OIL (COCOS NUCIFERA) - Vitamins and essential fatty acids found in coconut oil nourish hair and scalp and replenish moisture. It helps eliminate frizz and prevents split ends. Also helps detangle hair.

    MACADAMIA OIL (MACADAMIA TERNIFOLIA) -  Macadamia oil strengthens, hydrates and nourishes hair and scalp while helping to reduce frizz and detangle hair.

    SIKECI OIL (ALEURITES MOLUCCANA) -  Extremely moisturizing and hydrating for hair.

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    • Non-GMO
    • Cruelty Free
    • Paraben Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Phthalate Free
    • Sulfate Free

    4 Amazing Oils 14 Anti-Aging Secrets

    Our award winning blend for ultimate skin nutrition

    Coconut Oil

    Provides deep moisturization and hydration. Strengthens connective tissues and smoothes skin. Protects and repairs skin.

    Dilo Oil

    Contains the highest level of palmitoleic acid of any plant oil- excellent for rejuvenating skin and reversing the signs of aging.

    Macadamia Oil

    Contains the highest level of palmitoleic acid of any plant oil- excellent for rejuvenating skin and reversing the signs of aging.

    Sikeci Oil

    Revitalizes and assists in rejuvenating and softening the skin while locking in moisture.

    Product Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    Milk & Honey


    Wow!! I love this shampoo! I have fine blonde hair, & this shampoo lathers nicely, rinses out easily, & leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean, although hydrated. My hair blows out looking like silk. This is a keeper! Adding the conditioner adds volume when styling. Love, love, love!!

    Great gentle shampoo


    I love this shampoo. I have been using it for 10 years along with others but recently switched to only this shampoo as my (10 years older) hair is less oily. I have always had long hair and this cleans without damaging the ends. As stated by others I do not even use conditioner which, somewhat, defrays the cost.

    I LOVE the pineapple which, lately, is always out of stock. It is a light fresh scent that my husband and I both prefer. The Coconut smells good, a bit sweet, but nothing like coconut. I have tried Mango and Starfruit when they were the only aviliable shampoo and did not care for either scent. I don't know if it is my imagination but I find the pineapple more gentle and less sudsy and it is, by far, my favorite. Please bring it back!!!

    Good product


    I've tried every shampoo under the sun for scalp issues and nothing has worked more than the 1st wash (if that). I've used this one for 3 weeks now. I haven't had any flakes and washing lasts 2 or 3 days when it used to be maybe 12 hrs with other brands. I docked it 1 star for 2 reasons: Price- I have thick course hair so i have to use a lot to get whole scalp. It definitely doesn't dry it out but $25 bottle won't last long washing 3x a week or more when working out. Second reason- fragrance is not strong enough or linger long enough to keep hair smelling "fresh" for more than a day. For reference, I have the milk and honey one. I'm going to try one of the fruit infused next time to see if their fragrance has more staying power. Would be nice if they had a dry shampoo that also doesn't have all the chemical gunk in it.

    milk and honey shampoo


    Very nice. Works great. Smells exactly like other items in the line. Wish it was available in all infusions.

    Great shampoo


    Love this shampoo. It smells good and doesn't dry out my hair.
    New York

    Great shampoo


    This shampoo leaves hair smooth & manageable. Great scent. No need for conditioner.

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