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Spa Box - Pedicure
Price: $25.00
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Spa Box - Sugar Glow
Price: $22.00
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Transform your beauty routine into a pampering ritual with this adorable spa box . Enjoy a couple of hours peace, turn off your cellphone, lock the door, turn on the shower and let all your troubles wash away starting with an antioxidant infused sugar rub, rinse, and then lock in a moisturizing treatment with our exotic body oil. Dry off with a warm towel, slather on Pure Fiji’s body butter or hydrating lotion, breathe and celebrate a new you! Includes a 2 oz. exfoliating scrub, 1 oz. exotic...

Refresh And Glow - Facial
Price: $23.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-FS-RG -

Refresh and Glow mini sets are the perfect introduction for anyone starting a skin care regimen. The three products; the sulphate free purifying cleanser (30 ml) works to unclog pores, the balancing alcohol-free toner (30 ml) soothes and refreshes skin, and the fruit enzyme exfoliating scrub (30 ml) gently exfoliates removing impurities leaving skin clear and radiant.

Essentials Gift Pack
Price: $18.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-ESS -

Stay hydrated on the go with our Essentials Gift that satisfies all your skin’s needs. The perfect handbag size trio-hydrators are included in this gift pack featuring s a 5ml lip balm, 15ml body butter and 35ml hand crème. Supple lips, soft hands and skin, we have you covered!

Hydrate and Nourish
Price: $23.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-HN -

When you can't send someone on a tropical getaway, send the tropical getaway to them with Hydrate and Nourish, the ultimate self-care package for hydration and nourishment. It includes our multi-tasking Exotic Bath and Body Oil (30 ml) featuring super ingredients to hydrate and nourish skin, a hydrating body lotion (30 ml), a body butter (15 ml) perfect for daily moisturization and a luscious lip balm in the scent of Pina Colada lip balm (5 ml) to keep lips super soft and hydrated too!

Lotion Collection
5 x 15ml
Price: $25.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-LC5 -

Take a journey to a palm-fringed, tropical island with our collection of Pure Fiji Hydrating lotions in some of our most popular infusions captures the island scents of bright sunshine on a lush beach. Rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins Pure Fiji’s body lotions drench your skin with healing moisture to soften and help revitalize the look of your skin. Skin appears refreshed and delicately scented with starfruit, mango, guava, pineapple, and coconut infusions transporting you to a...

Nourishing Trio
Price: $23.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-NT -

Give your skin a little TLC with our Nourishing Trio, the perfect gift and sampler without breaking your budget! Includes a 30ml multi-tasking Exotic Oil that you can use on skin, in your hair, for cuticles and more, perfect when there aren’t enough hours in the day! Massage our hydrating body lotion (30ml) onto skin for all day hydration and our nourishing hand crème (35ml) for super soft heavenly hands!

4 Lotion Sampler Bag
4 x 2oz
Price: $35.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-B4 -

A luscious assortment of refillable travel size lotions to keep your skin hydrated 'on the go'. The unique twist-close pumps prevent lotion loss when closing. Includes: coconut, starfruit, passionflower & pineapple fragrances.

Discovery Bag
Price: $39.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-B3 -

We all know someone who is absolutely obsessed with body care products so why not give them the best in body care with Pure Fiji’s Discovery Bag. A great starter gift that includes a 2 oz. body lotion, body oil, body butter and a soap. The incredibly smooth formulas nourish and soften the body while the mouthwatering scent of tropical infusions leaves skin deliciously scented. The body oil is a unique all-natural multi-tasking organic oil that gives you deeply moisturized, glow-y, and subtly...

Island Therapy Bag
Price: $49.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-B5 -

The Island Therapy bag is a perfect way to bring some sunshine into your life, whether at home or away. A wonderful assortment of travel sized products containing a 2 oz. size of lotion, oil, creme scrub, shower gel, sugar rub & body butter which will help you unwind and de-stress after a particularly difficult day or the perfect collection for an on the go ritual!

Island Bliss Gift Pack
Price: $47.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-IB -

Bring a touch of Fiji’s tropical paradise wherever you are with Pure Fiji's Island Bliss gift set. Perfect for your at-home spa rituals this gift has everything you need to pamper yourself and have some “me time”. A nurturing handmade soap, and body lotion made with organic nut extracts blended with fresh coconut milk rapidly hydrate, nourish and protect your skin. Escape to your island paradise wherever you are with our luxurious hand poured travel candle made from soy and beeswax and...

Body Collection Box
Price: $38.00
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Hydrate & Polish Kit (Lotion/Crush in Canvas Bag)
Price: $44.00
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-CBC -

Shower Trio Bag
Price: $32.00
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-ST3 -

Spa Basket
8 x 2oz (59ml)
Price: $67.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-C9 -

Who says you have to leave home to go to the spa? Our spa basket includes everything you need to create your own sanctuary where you can relax and let go of life’s daily stresses. Exfoliate, moisturize and soothe skin with these plant-based therapies. The basket includes a 2 oz. body oil, lotion, dilo rescue gel, body butter, sugar rub, creme scrub and shower gel each one designed specifically to make you feel as pampered as you would if you’d been to the spa. Perfect for renewing skin,...

Travel Bag - Mini Sampler
Price: $33.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-B2-A -

Discover the world of Pure Fiji and maintain your skin health with this Mini Sampler! This sampler bag contains perfectly sized luxuries in different infusions and will be sure to leave you wanting more. Contains a shower gel, creme scrub, a bath and body oil, hydrating lotion, dilo rescue gel, shampoo and conditioner in 1 oz. bottles and .5 oz. jars.

Coconut Wax Candle
7oz (207ml)
Price: $39.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-C-WV -

Escaping to your tropical scented paradise doesn’t have to include flying miles away. Fill your space with this delightful coconut wax candle that’s never overpowering, always burns clean and creates an exotic tropical scent experience. Made by gently cooling warm organic coconut oil from the Fiji Islands, this coconut wax candle emits zero soot particles, does not blacken walls nor add toxic carcinogens into the air you breathe while delivering a luxurious fragrance bringing showstopper vibes...

Handmade Paper Soap
3.5oz (100g)
Price: $6.95
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Pure Fiji Item #: US-G-SSP110 -

Our luxurious, creamy soap is wrapped in beautiful handmade paper making it the perfect small gift! Our handmade paper is made by local women along with the help of some of their family who gather the raw materials and assist in the preparation of the pulp to produce this beautiful handmade paper. This initiative provides an income to the community in these isolated villages in Fiji and is run by the women, empowering them in ways they have never experienced before. The perfect packaging for...